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Step 8: Creating Routing Rules

Step 8: Creating Routing Rules

This is step 8 of setting up a fully working Brand in Enterprise Server 10 for everyday use in a standard workflow environment. (See a list of all steps)

Routing Rules determine to which user or user group a file is routed to as soon as that file is assigned to a particular Workflow Status.

Example: When a file is set to the status 'For review', it can be automatically routed to a user who needs to review the content of the file.

Creating Routing Rules is done in the following locations:

  • For periodic Brands (such as magazines and newspapers), Routing Rules are created on the Brand Maintenance page.
  • For project-oriented Brands (typically used by book publishers and advertising agencies), Routing Rules are created on the Issue Maintenance page.

Step 1. Do one of the following:

  • For periodic Brands: access the Brand Maintenance page for the Brand in which you want to add User Routing.
  • For project-oriented Brands: access the Issue Maintenance page for the Issue in which you want to add User Routing.

Step 2. Locate the Routing options.

The Routing section

Step 3. Click Add.

The Routing Maintenance page appears.

The Routing Maintenance page

Note: The Category list at the top is for filtering the page to show only those Routing Rules for the chosen Category. Since no rules have been set up yet, this option currently has no effect.

Step 4. Set up a rule by making the relevant choices from the Category, Status and Route To lists.

Step 5. Add the Routing Rule by doing one of the following:

  • Click the Add Routing button. This will save the currently added rule and automatically display a new row of lists for adding a new rule.
  • Click the Update button. This will save the currently added rule without displaying a new row of lists.

Step 6. When finished adding rules, return to the Brand Maintenance page.

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