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Updating a Publish Form template (Drupal) in Enterprise 9

Updating a Publish Form template (Drupal) in Enterprise 9

Info: This article is related to Publish Forms that are used for publishing content to a Web site based on Drupal 7.

Updating a Publish Form template is done by updating the Drupal content type on which it is based and importing it into Enterprise.

Note: When updating a Publish Form template, all Publish Forms which are based on it are also updated.

Update a Publish Form template when you want to:

  • Change the order of the components
  • Add new components or remove existing ones
  • Rename existing components (requires Enterprise 9.0.2 or higher)

Step 1. In Drupal, make the changes to the content type on which the Publish Form template is based.

Step 2. Re-import the content types.

Step 3. Refresh the Publish Form in Content Station.

The following video demonstrates how a component is added:

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