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Removing a Publish Form template (Drupal) in Enterprise 9

Removing a Publish Form template (Drupal) in Enterprise 9

Info: This article is related to Publish Forms that are used for publishing content to a Web site based on Drupal 7.

When a Publish Form template is not needed anymore, it can be removed from the system. This involves removing the Publish Form template in Enterprise and optionally removing the content type in Drupal.

See the steps explained in the following video or continue reading the article:

Steps in Content Station

Step 1. Unpublish all stories that were published using the template.

Tip: Use the Publish Manager to quickly unpublish multiple stories in one action.

Step 2. Access the Dossier(s) that were used for publishing the stories and remove the Publication Channel in which the template was used.

During this step, the Publish Form that was used for publishing the story is automatically moved to the Trash Can. Before the Publish Form template itself can be removed, all Publish Forms that are based on it first need to be removed.

Step 3. Access the Trash Can, locate the Publish Forms and permanently delete them.

Tip: Set the Filter to look for files of type 'Publish Form'.

Step 4. Use the Search feature of Content Station to locate the Publish Form template that needs to be removed.

Tip: Set the Filter to look for files of type 'Publish Form Template'.

Step 5. Right-click the template and choose Move to Trash Can.

Step 6. Access the Trash Can, locate the Publish Form templates and permanently delete them.

Steps in Drupal

Note: This step will remove the content type from Drupal. This step is optional and does not necessarily have to be performed. However, when the content type is not removed, it will appear again in Content Station in the list of templates to choose from as soon as content types are imported into Enterprise again.

Step 7. Click Structure > Content Types.

Step 8. Click Delete for the content type that needs to be deleted and confirm the action.

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