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Publish Form components in Enterprise 9

Publish Form components in Enterprise 9

A Publish Form is made up of blocks, each holding specific content such as metadata properties, an article component, or an image.

Each block can be expanded or collapsed.

The components of a Publish Form

Figure: A Publish Form showing its first 3 blocks: the first block shows metadata properties, the second block is collapsed, the third block holds an article. 1. First block 2. Second block 3. Third block.

Enterprise uses the following rules for creating the blocks:

  • The first block always contains the following fixed properties (and may also hold additional properties):
  • Title
  • "Promote" check box
  • "Sticky" check box
  • "Comments" list
  • "Visibility" list
  • A new block is created for:
  • Each article WCML component (the name of the component is used for the name of the block)
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