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Using WordPress tags in a Publish Form in Enterprise 9

Using WordPress tags in a Publish Form in Enterprise 9

Info: This feature requires Enterprise Server version 9.2 or higher.

When publishing a post to WordPress, it is common to include tags (keywords) so that users can use these as a search tool for locating other posts with similar content. (For more information, see the WordPress documentation).

The Publish Form for publishing a post to WordPress contains a field from which tags can be chosen that are defined on the WordPress Web site.

To make these tags available, they need to be imported into Enterprise Server.

When should tags be imported?

Tags should be imported into Enterprise Server when:

  • Setting up the WordPress integration for the first time on a system
  • A tag in WordPress has been added, changed or removed

Setting up tags in WordPress

Step 1. Access your WordPress Dashboard and click Tags.

Step 2. Add, edit or remove tags as needed.

Importing tags into Enterprise Server

Step 1. Access the WordPress Maintenance page.

The WordPress Maintenance page appears.

The WordPress Maintenance page

Figure: The WordPress Maintenance page

Step 2. In the Import section, choose Only Tags.

Step 3. Click Import.

The tags are imported and the result of the import action is displayed.

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