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Setting up synonyms to include when using Solr in Enterprise Server 9

Setting up synonyms to include when using Solr in Enterprise Server 9

The default installation of Solr contains a list of synonyms to enrich the search whenever users search for particular phrases. These could be abbreviations written in full, often misspelled words, differences in spelling, synonyms and so on.


  • oct, october
  • dash, sprint
  • useable, usable

In other words: when the user searches for 'oct', then 'october' is also included in the search. When the user searches for 'dash', Solr also searches for 'sprint'. And so on.

Using these synonyms results in a better user experience because a higher number of related files are found.

The synonyms list

This list is referred to as the 'synonyms' list. Because the list that is shipped with Solr is not very comprehensive and is for English only, Enterprise Server provides alternative lists. These lists are more comprehensive and available in the following languages:

  • American English
  • French
  • Russian


Step 1. Unpack the file SolrEnterprise_9.x.x_Buildyz.zip that is delivered together with the Enterprise Server installation.

Step 2. Copy one of the synonyms.txt file from

Solr/languages/<language code>



where <language code> is one of the following:

Language code Language
enUS American English
frFR French
ruRU Russian

Tip: If the language you are looking for is not available, use one of the available files and replace its content by synonyms in your preferred language.

Step 3. (Optional) Edit the file in a plain-text editor that supports UTF-8.

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