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Troubleshooting Solr issues for use with Enterprise Server 9

Troubleshooting Solr issues for use with Enterprise Server 9

The following sections provide solutions to common problems when working with Solr.

Changing the port

Port xxxx is already used, how do I change the port?

Do one of the following:

  • Tomcat: Open <tomcat path>/conf/server.xml. Search for <Connector port=’xxxx’ and change this to the desired port.
  • Jetty: Open <jetty path>/etc/server.xml. Search for <Set name=”port”><SystemProperty name=”jetty.port” default=”xxxx”/></Set> and change this to the desired port.

No results returned

Issue #1: I fill in an ‘a’ in the search field in Content Station, but I don’t get any results. I am sure though that I have content containing an ‘a’.

Analysis: The Solr installation contains a file name stopwords.txt. In here, all words are listed that are not indexed.

Solution: Make sure that the stopwords.txt file does not contain any phrases that should be excluded from the indexing process.

Issue #2: Everything seems to be fine: all objects are indexed, Solr is running, the Health Check page says everything is okay and I fill in text that should give results. But still I don’t receive any results, let alone facets.

Try re-indexing the objects in Enterprise Server.

Issue #3: When searching on terms with accents, no results are returned.

Make sure that the URIEncoding=”UTF-8” setting is included in the <tomcat path>/conf/server.xml file.

Issue #4: Entering a search term shorter than 4 characters or longer than 15 characters, no result is returned.

In case of a long search term you can split the term in two separate terms, each shorter than 15 characters. Another solution can be to change the schema.xml. Look for <filter class=”solr.NGramFilterFactory” minGramSize=”4” maxGramSize=”15”/> and adjust the minimum and maximum values.

Note: Re-index your database afterwards.

Objects not indexed

Issue: The Health Check page shows OK but objects aren’t indexed.

Analysis: The Solr plug-in is probably not installed or enabled.

Solution: Verify the Enterprise Server Plug-ins page.

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