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Integrating Solr 3.6 in Enterprise Server 9

Integrating Solr 3.6 in Enterprise Server 9

Info: This article refers to Solr version 3.6. This version of Solr can only be used for Enterprise versions 9.0 and 9.1. For Enterprise 9.2 and higher, Solr 4.5 is required.

Integrating Solr 3.6 in Enterprise Server 9 consists of the following steps (listed in the order in which they should be carried out):

Note: We assume that you already have Java 1.6 or greater installed and that Solr 3.6.x is used. Furthermore, we focus on installing Solr in the Tomcat servlet container. (There are several alternative ways for getting Solr up and running.)

Step 1. Installing Solr 3.6

Step 2. Starting Apache Tomcat

Step 3. Testing the Tomcat installation

Step 4. Installing the Enterprise schema

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