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Step 3. Testing the Apache Tomcat installation

Step 3. Testing the Apache Tomcat installation

This is step 3 of setting up Solr 4.5 in Enterprise Server 9.2 or higher. (See a list of all steps)
For using Solr 3.6 in Enterprise Server 9.0 and 9.1, see Setting up Solr 3.6.

Step 1. Enter the following URL in a Web browser: http://localhost:8080/.

The Tomcat page should appear.

Step 2. Open the Tomcat Manager.

Note: Use the username and password as specified in . (In our example we used username “woodwing” and password “ww”.)

Step 3. Open /solr (or apache-solr-4.5.x, if you did not rename the .war file).

Step 4. Open Solr Admin to confirm a correct installation.

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Step 4. Configuring Solr

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Enterprise Server 9 documentation

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