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Step 4. Configuring Solr

Step 4. Configuring Solr

This is step 4 of setting up Solr 4.5 in Enterprise Server 9.2 or higher. (See a list of all steps)
For using Solr 3.6 in Enterprise Server 9.0 and 9.1, see Setting up Solr 3.6.

Note: To run Solr for the character based languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean, different configuration files have to be used. These files are delivered with the Solr configuration directory. Be aware of the fact that the Solr support for CJK languages is limited.

Step 1. Open the config_solr.php file.

Step 2. Verify if the correct URL is defined in the SOLR_SERVER_URL setting.

Example: define ('SOLR_SERVER_URL', 'http://localhost:8080/solr');

Step 3. Verify if the correct collection is defined in the SOLR_CORE setting.

Example: define ('SOLR_CORE', 'collection1');

Step 4. (Optional) Define the time-out duration in the SOLR_TIMEOUT setting.

Example: define ('SOLR_TIMEOUT', 5);

Note: Changing this value may be necessary when time-outs occur while indexing many objects. However, usually it is better to adjust the solrconfig.xml file by changing settings such as ramBufferSizeMB, mergeFactor, and autoCommit.

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