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ImageMagick integration in Enterprise Server 9


ImageMagick integration in Enterprise Server 9

Integrating ImageMagick in Enterprise Server 9 is a 2-step process:

Step 1. Installing ImageMagick

Step 2. Configuring Enterprise Server

1. ImageMagick installation

2. Enterprise Server configuration

Step 1. Define the path where ImageMagick is installed:

  • File: configserver.php
  • Name of option: IMAGE_MAGICK_APP_PATH
  • Values: The full path to the folder of the ImageMagick application.

Note: Use forward slashes and do NOT end with a slash.

  • Example:
  • For Linux/Mac:

define( 'IMAGE_MAGICK_APP_PATH', '/usr/local/bin' );

  • For Windows:

define( 'IMAGE_MAGICK_APP_PATH', 'C:/Program Files/ImageMagick-6.6.3-Q16' );

Step 2. Configure the preview and thumbnail quality:

Info: This feature requires Enterprise Server version 9.2.1 or higher.

  • File: configserver.php file
  • Name of option: IMAGE_MAGICK_OPTIONS
  • Possible values: Any value mentioned on the ImageMagick Help page Command Line Options.

Note: The size (-size) is set by Enterprise Server and must not be set here.

  • Default values used:
  • -colorspace Sets the colorspace of the image. See ImageMagick Help.
  • -quality Sets the compression level for the images. See ImageMagick Help.
  • -sharpen Sharpens the image. See ImageMagick Help.
  • -layers Handles multiple image as a set of image layers or animation frames. See ImageMagick Help.
  • -depth Sets the number of bits in a color sample within a pixel. See ImageMagick Help.
  • -strip Strips the image of any profiles or comments. See ImageMagick Help.
  • -density Sets the horizontal and vertical resolution of an image for rendering to devices. See ImageMagick Help.
  • Default setting: -colorspace sRGB -quality 100 -sharpen 5 -layers merge -depth 8 -strip -density
  • Example:

define ('IMAGE_MAGICK_OPTIONS', '-colorspace sRGB -quality 92 -sharpen 5 -layers merge -depth 8 -strip -density 72x72');

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