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Defining the Adobe DPS folio file format in Enterprise Server 9

Defining the Adobe DPS folio file format in Enterprise Server 9

Adobe folio files can be in one of the following formats:

  • JPEG. Default format.
  • PDF. Allows zooming in on the page.
  • PNG. Ensures color consistency with any content placed on top of the background (see comment below).

Note: The format is used for the background only. For overlays, the format is PDF1 for PDF backgrounds and PNG for PNG backgrounds.

1Due to limitations of the folio format, buttons are not exported in PDF format but in PNG format instead. This can result in quality differences in color and text characters. To resolve this, the overlay can be forced to be exported in PNG format (while still exporting the background in PDF) by enabling the Layer Export option “As Bitmap” in the Digital Publishing Tools panels in InDesign.

To configure Enterprise Server to output folio files to any of these formats, follow these steps:

Step 1. Open the configserver.php file.

Step 2. In the SERVERFEATURES section, add or enable the DPSFolioFormat ServerFeature:

new Feature( 'DPSFolioFormat', '<EditionID>,<format>;<EditionID>,<format>;...' ),

For each output device (represented in Enterprise as an Edition), define its ID and the format in which the publication for that device should be exported to.

Note: Separate Editions by a semicolon ';')

Example: In the following example, issues for device '23' are exported in PDF format while issues for device '28' are exported in PNG format:

new Feature( 'DPSFolioFormat', '23,PDF;28,PNG'),

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