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About Enterprise 9 and Adobe DPS

About Enterprise 9 and Adobe DPS

WoodWing Enterprise is tightly integrated with Adobe DPS, thereby allowing you to create and publish content for viewing on the Adobe Content Viewer.

Note: For information about the integration of Adobe DPS (2015), see Enterprise Server and Smart Connection.

The integration is present in the following areas:

  • Enterprise Server contains support for outputting to Adobe DPS as a Publication Channel.
  • Smart Connection for InDesign contains a dedicated set of Digital Publishing Tools with which content can be created and layouts can be converted to Adobe's .folio file format.
  • Content Station is used for managing the publication and publishing it to Adobe DPS.

Additional information

For more information about the concept of publishing to Adobe DPS, creating content, managing content and publishing content, see the Digital Publishing Tools User Guide.

For more information about installing and configuring Adobe DPS in Enterprise Server, see Integrating Adobe DPS in Enterprise Server 9.

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