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Using a central file to configure Enterprise Server 10

Using a central file to configure Enterprise Server 10

Info: This feature requires Enterprise Server 10.1 or higher.

To ease the process of managing and upgrading Enterprise Server installations, Enterprise Server can be configured by using just a single configuration file.

This is done by defining any setting that you want to change from any configuration file in Enterprise to this file. These settings are then used to overrule their corresponding values in the default configuration files.

This has the following advantages:

  • Easy management: configuration is done from a single file in a central location instead of configuring separate files in multiple locations.
  • Easy upgrading: the single configuration file can be simply migrated to any new installation and saves you from having to update the default versions of these files by comparing the new version with the old version.


To make this feature work, the option in the source configuration file needs to be defined as follows:

if( !defined('<SETTING_NAME>') ) {
 <option with default value>

This should be read as "when the option is not defined in the single configuration file, use the following definition" (or: "if not defined, then define as follows").


if( !defined('INETROOT') ) {
 define( 'INETROOT', '/Enterprise' ); 

Note: Any default configuration file in Enterprise Server 10.1 and higher is provided this way. Configuration files for any custom Enterprise Server plug-ins may need adjusting.

Configuring the single configuration file

Step 1. (Optional, only required the first time the file is implemented) Rename the following file:




Step 2. Add any setting to the config_overrule.php file.

Tip: Group together settings that are taken from the same configuration file to easily keep track from which file they are taken.

Example: Here, the default INETROOT setting is overruled:

Setting in the confg.php file:

if( !defined('INETROOT') ) {
 define( 'INETROOT', '/Enterprise' ); 

Setting in the overrule_config.php file:

// - - - - config.php file  - - - -
define( 'INETROOT', '/EntMaster' ); 
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