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Location of the Enterprise Server 10 configuration files

Location of the Enterprise Server 10 configuration files

Configuring Enterprise Server is done through various configuration files. These are stored in the following location:

<Enterprise Server path>/Enterprise/config

Tip: (For Enterprise Server 10.1 or higher only) Easily manage and configure settings of all configuration files by adding them to a single configuration file.

Stored files

The following files are stored:

  • config.php. Used for configuring system paths, database details, and file server details.
  • configserver.php. Used for configuring Enterprise Server features.
  • componentDefs.xml. Controls article components that can be added to a Content Station article.
  • config_drupal.php. Used for configuring a Drupal integration.
  • config_solr.php. Used for configuring a Solr integration.
  • config_dps.php. User for configuring an Adobe DPS integration.

Editing the files

Take note of the following:

  • Open a file in a plain-text editor such as Notepad, TextEdit, or TextWrangler.
  • When editing PHP, always use forward slashes ‘/’ as path separators, and make sure to keep the correct PHP syntax.
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