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About metadata in Enterprise Server

About metadata in Enterprise Server

Enterprise Server provides a flexible structure for managing metadata by offering a large set of predefined metadata properties — all of which can be edited — as well as the option to create custom metadata properties. The metadata properties can be made visible at various places in the client applications.

Metadata types

In Enterprise, a metadata property belongs to one of the following types:

  • Static. These are core system properties that are required for most operations. Examples of such properties include Brand, Issue, Category, and so on.
  • Dynamic. These are known system properties that are maintained by the system, such as Deadline, Page Range, and Route To.
  • XMP. These are properties that are synchronized by the system with Adobe XMP metadata as stored inside Adobe files, such as Author, Copyright, and Credit. (See also How Adobe XML properties are mapped to Enterprise Server properties.)
  • Custom properties. Any property that is manually added to the system.

For an overview of which static, dynamic and XMP properties are available in Enterprise Server, see Overview of metadata properties used in Enterprise Server 10.

Configuring metadata properties in Enterprise Server

Working with metadata properties in Enterprise Server is done in the following ways:

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