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Forcefully logging users out of Enterprise Server 9

Forcefully logging users out of Enterprise Server 9

Info: This feature requires Enterprise Server version 9.4.0 or higher.

When a user logs in to Enterprise Server — either directly or through one of the client applications that connect to Enterprise Server — a license seat is taken by that user.

In a concurrent licensing model, license seats are shared between a group of users. As long as not all seats are in use, additional users can continue to log in. When the maximum number of users is reached, any subsequent user who wants to log in will have to wait until another user logs out, at which time the license seat is made available for other users to use.

Why users need to be forcefully logged out

Consider the following scenarios:

  • A user goes home without logging out of the system
  • A user works from a remote location and looses the connection to Enterprise Server
  • The application that the user is working with crashes and a connection cannot be established again

In all these scenarios, the user still occupies one or more license seats which may prevent other users from logging into Enterprise. A system administrator can then forcefully log out that user in order to free up license seats.

Forcefully logging out a user

Step 1. Access the Online Users page.

The Online Users Maintenance page

Step 2. Locate the user who needs to be logged out.

Step 3. For each instance that needs to be forcefully logged out for that user, select the check box in front of the name.

Step 4. Click Force Log Out and confirm that you want to perform that action.

The instances of that user are logged out.

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