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Upgrading Enterprise Server 7 to Enterprise Server 9

Upgrading Enterprise Server 7 to Enterprise Server 9

This article describes the steps for upgrading Enterprise Server 7 to Enterprise Server 9.

Before you start

Our recommendation is to directly upgrade to either version 9.4.10 or to version 9.8.2. Please be aware of the following upgrade paths:

  • Upgrading to version 9.4.10 can be done from versions 7.0 – 7.5.
  • Upgrading to version 9.8.2 is not directly possible from version 7; this requires one of the following upgrade paths:
  • An upgrade from version 7.6 to version 9.6 and then to 9.8.2
  • An upgrade from version 7 to version 8 and then to 9.8.2

Upgrade steps

An upgrade of Enterprise Server 7 to Enterprise Server 9 consists of the following steps (listed in the order in which they should be carried out):

Step 1. Creating a backup

Create a backup of your system to make sure that no files are lost should anything go wrong.

Step 2. Deleting all objects from the Trash Can

Enterprise Server 9 contains a different Trash Can functionality than Enterprise Server 7. All objects in the Trash Can therefore have to be removed.

Step 3. Installing ionCube

The installation of ionCube for Enterprise 9 is different than for Enterprise 7. ionCube therefore has to be reinstalled.

Step 4. Installing InDesign Server

Enterprise Server 9 is only compatible with InDesign Server CS6 or InDesign Server CC. In case you are using InDesign Server in your workflow, install either new version.

Step 5. Upgrading Solr

When using Solr in Enterprise Server 9.2 or higher, Solr needs to be upgraded to Solr 4.5.

Step 6. Installing the new Enterprise Server

Step 7. Activating the Enterprise license

In order to complete the setup process of Enterprise Server, its license needs to be activated first.

Step 8. Initializing Enterprise Server plug-ins

Much Enterprise Server functionality is provided through plug-ins. These plug-ins need to be initialized first.

Step 9. Preparing the Solr environment

The Solr index has to be filled with the characteristics of the Enterprise objects that exist in the database.

Step 10. Configuring the InDesign Server installations

The available InDesign Server instances need to be configured in Enterprise so that they can be used by the system.

Step 11. Integrating Drupal 7 for use with Publish Forms

In case you want to publish to your Drupal site by using the Publish Forms functionality of Enterprise, Drupal 7 needs to be installed and configured.

Step 12. Migrating custom made Server plug-ins to Enterprise Server 9

Check your custom made Server plug-ins for compatibility with Enterprise 9.

Step 13. Testing Enterprise Server

Step 14. Upgrading the Smart Connection plug-ins

Upgrade the Smart Connection plug-ins for InDesign and InCopy.

Step 15. Upgrading the InDesign and InCopy templates

Upgrade any layout templates or article templates to version CS6 or CC.

Step 16. Taking the new server into production

Start using the newly installed Server for production.

Step 17. Removing unused InDesign Server instances

Remove instances of InDesign Server versions in Enterprise Server that are not used anymore.

Document history

  • 27 September 2016: Added the recommendation to upgrade to either version 9.4.10 or to version 9.82, and provided the possible upgrade paths.

Reference Materials

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