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Step 8. Initializing Enterprise Server plug-ins

Step 8. Initializing Enterprise Server plug-ins

This is step 8 of performing a major upgrade from Enterprise Server 7 to Enterprise Server 9.2 or higher. (See a list of all steps)

Purpose of this step

Initializing the Enterprise Server plug-ins is necessary because much of the functionality of Enterprise Server is based on the functionality of Server plug-ins. During the initialization process, the available Server plug-in folders are accessed and the plug-ins that are found are added to the database.

Note: Registering Server plug-ins needs to be done when:

  • A new version of Enterprise Server is installed
  • A change is made to the configuration of a plug-in
  • A custom plug-in is added or removed

Steps to follow

Step 1. In Enterprise Server, click Server Plug-ins in the Maintenance menu or on the Home page.

The Server Plug-ins page appears and any installed plug-ins will be automatically registered.

Note: Because the plug-ins are registered while the page is opened, the process of opening the page can take a few moments.

Step 2. Make sure that the required plug-ins are enabled. If needed, resolve any conflicts.

Note: Normally, no conflicts should arise and no further action will be required after accessing the page.

Next step

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