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Using Smart Styles with 3rd-party plug-ins

When plug-ins of 3rd-party software vendors are installed in your version of InDesign, be aware that when creating a Smart Styles item and sharing it with another InDesign user that these same plug-ins need to be installed in that version of InDesign so that the item can be applied correctly.

To avoid this problem, do one of the following:

  • Build your libraries with an installation of InDesign that does not have any third-party plug-ins installed.
  • Build you libraries with an installation of InDesign containing a minimal set of third-party plug-ins that you are sure is also installed on every other installation the library is used on.

Note: Smart Styles itself has no footprint in documents and libraries, meaning that its items can safely be used on systems without Smart Styles installed (although they will only function as regular InDesign libraries).

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