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Quickly switching between an Object library and a Smart Styles library


After creating a library with various items, you may sometimes want to place these items as an object on the layout and sometimes you may want to use the formatting of these items.

Instead of switching back and forth between selecting the "Object Library" and the "Smart Style Library" options in the flyout menu of the Library panel, it is also possible to open multiple libraries at the same time with independent settings.

Step 1. Create a library with all the items you need and name this library "Objects".

Step 2. Create a duplicate of this library (for instance by making a copy of the Objects.indl file) and naming it "Styles".

Step 3. Open both Libraries in InDesign.

Step 4. In the flyout menu of the "Objects" library panel, select "Object Library".

Step 5. In the flyout menu of the "Styles" library panel, select "Smart Style Library".

When you now need to add an item to your layout, use the "Objects" library; when you need to use the formatting of an item, quickly switch to the "Styles" library.

Note: Don't forget that when adding a new object to one library that it might also have to be added to the other library.

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