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Closing or saving a layout using Studio for InDesign


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  • Oliver Chou

    Saving your changes regularly is important and makes sure that you don't loose any changes should you encounter any problems. To save your changes locally, do one of the following:

    "Loose" should  be changed to "lose".


    Step 1. Choose WoodWing Studio > Save Version....

    The Save As dialog box appears.

    It should be "Save" dialog, not "Save As". The screenshot is also wrong.


    Checking-in the layout and closing it

    When finished working on the layout, it needs to be saved to Studio Server and closed. This process is referred to as 'checking-in' the layout and makes the layout available to other users for editing.

    Step 1. Choose WoodWing WoodWing Studio > Check In... .

    There is an extra WoodWing in step 1.


    Closing the layout and returning it to its last saved state without saving a version

    The style for this is wrong. It should be the same header tag as all the rest of the titles. Right now, it seems to be part of the "Saving the layout outside of Studio Server" procedure. 

  • Maarten van Kleinwee

    Hi Oliver Chou,

    Thanks for reporting this, it has all been corrected now.

    Best regards,

    Maarten van Kleinwee
    Senior Technical Writer, WoodWing Software 


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