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Edition settings in Studio Server


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  • Oliver Chou

    Step 1d. Click the name of the Publication Channel of which the Edition is part.

    Step 2. Enter the details at the top of the page.

    Step 3. Click Update.

    At Step 1d, it is on the publication channel page.

    Starting from Step 2, it doesn't make sense anymore.

    This article should be about the setting of Edition. However, it sounds like it is now talking about updating the publication channel settings and updating it. It has nothing to do with Edition.


  • Maarten van Kleinwee

    Hi Oliver Chou,

    The process was indeed not described clearly, I have updated the article in various places to improve this.

    Thank you for reporting this.

    Best regards,

    Maarten van Kleinwee
    Senior Technical Writer, WoodWing Software


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