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Adding a comment to any file anywhere in Studio


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  • Marc Baron-Holstein

    We need this Feature in our "on-Prem" installation, too. When will this be possible?

  • Dani Wolf Leyhue

    Hi Marc,

    Thanks for your question. Comments and the Content Collaboration module will only be available in WoodWing's Cloud.

    While we at WoodWing strive to offer best in SaaS solutions, we continue to offer our feature-rich and widely popular products for on-premise installations. We will continue to support on-premise versions of our software for the foreseeable future. The popularity of our products mandates this. However, WoodWing's on-premise and SaaS solutions will start to diverge in feature set over time with all new features only being added to our cloud solutions.

    Therefore, while we will continue to support on-premise versions of our software we encourage our customers to look to the WoodWing Cloud for future upgrades and new deployments.

    I highly encourage you to reach out to your account manager to learn more.

    Kind regards,


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