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Workflow Status settings in Enterprise Server 10

Workflow Status settings in Enterprise Server 10

For each Workflow Status that can be defined in Enterprise Server, the following settings can be set:

  • Order. Order in which the Status needs to appear in the Status list and thereby in the user interfaces of the client applications.
  • Status. Name of the Status.

Note: The name of a Status that is set up for a Brand-overruling Issue cannot be the same as the Status of the same file type on Brand level.

  • The Workflow Status Output iconOutput. Select this option when an action needs to be performed when the file reaches the Status.
  • For layout Statuses: a PDF (default), EPS, or high-res JPG will be created (depending on the server configuration).
  • For article Statuses: an XML file of the composed text will be created (depending on the server configuration). For information about the file format in which the file is created, see The XSD article schema of Enterprise Server 10.
  • For Task Statuses: any files that were added to the Task will be added to the Dossier containing this Task.
  • Workflow Status Permanent Version iconCreate Permanent Version. Select this option when a permanent version of the file needs to be created when the file reaches the Status. This version is never automatically removed, even when the maximum number of versions is reached. See Saving file versions with Enterprise Server 10.
  • The Ready to be Published iconReady to be Published. Select this option to indicate that files assigned to the status are considered ready to be published. The Publish Manager in Content Station 9 uses this status for filtering files. See The Publish Manager application.
  • Skip InDesign Server Automation. (Available for articles1, images1, layouts, Layout Modules, and spreadsheets1. Only visible when the Enterprise Server plug-in named Setting up InDesign Server Automation in Enterprise Server 10 is enabled.) Select this option when the InDesign Server Automation feature should not be triggered for this Status.

1 Requires Enterprise Server 10.0.1 or higher.

  • Next Status. Define the next Status after this Status. When a user chooses the 'Send File To' or 'Send File to Next' command, this is the status that the file will be set to.
  • Phase. Currently not used by Enterprise Server.
  • Color. The color associated with this Status. The color appears in various places, such as in the Publication Overview application in Content Station.
  • Deadline. (This option only appears when 'Activate Relative Deadlines' is selected on the The Brand Maintenance page in Enterprise Server 10. For previous versions, the option is displayed by default.) Enter a relative deadline specific for this Status.
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