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Integrating Drupal in Enterprise Server 10

Integrating Drupal in Enterprise Server 10

When Drupal is integrated in Enterprise Server, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Publishing content to Drupal
  • Updating content on Drupal
  • Previewing content on Drupal
  • Removing published content from Drupal

Note: All tasks are performed in Content Station.

Which version of Drupal to use?

For full compatibility details of Drupal with Enterprise Server, see the Compatibility Matrix.

Default Drupal installations versus modified Drupal installations

The integration described here is aimed at a default Drupal installation. When the intention is to integrate with Drupal systems that already contain additional modules, extra configuration and customization steps are required.

Integration steps

Choose your integration path:

Note: It is assumed here that you have basic knowledge of the working and use of Drupal systems. For more information about Drupal, visit www.drupal.org.

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