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Enterprise Server 9 minor upgrade

Enterprise Server 9 minor upgrade

A minor upgrade is an upgrade of an existing Enterprise Server 9 installation to a new version of Enterprise Server 9, for instance upgrading Enterprise version 9.0 to version 9.2.

The following steps need to be followed:

Note: Make sure to read the Release Notes that accompany the minor upgrade for any important installation or configuration details.

Step 1. Creating a backup

Create a backup of your system to make sure that no files are lost should anything go wrong.

Step 2. Installing the new Enterprise Server

Step 3. Activating licenses

In order to complete the setup process of Enterprise Server, licenses need to be activated first.

Step 4. Initializing Enterprise Server plug-ins

Much Enterprise Server functionality is provided through plug-ins. These plug-ins need to be initialized first.

Step 5. Upgrading Solr

When using Solr in Enterprise Server 9.2 or higher, Solr needs to be upgraded to Solr 4.5.

Step 6. Configuring InDesign Server

The available InDesign Server instances need to be configured in Enterprise so that they can be used by the system.

Step 7. Testing Enterprise Server

Step 8. Taking the new Server into production

Start using the newly installed Server for production.

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