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Step 3: Creating Categories

Step 3: Creating Categories

This is step 3 of setting up a fully working Brand in Enterprise Server 9 for everyday use in a standard workflow environment. (See a list of all steps)

Note: A Brand/Issue combination needs to have at least one Category set up. If no Category is available, reporting will give unexpected results and the deadline functionality will not work properly.

Creating Categories is done in the following locations:

  • For periodic Brands (such as magazines and newspapers), Categories are created on the Brand Maintenance page.
  • For project-oriented Brands (typically used by book publishers and advertising agencies), Categories are created on the Issue Maintenance page.

Step 1. Do one of the following:

  • For periodic Brands: access the Brand Maintenance page for the Brand in which you want to add Categories.
  • For project-oriented Brands: access the Issue Maintenance page for the Issue in which you want to add Categories.

Step 2. Locate the Category options.

The Category options on the Brand Maintenance page

Since we are working with a newly created Brand/Issue, no Categories exist yet.

Step 3. Click Add.

The Category Maintenance page appears.

The Category Maintenance page

Step 4. Fill out the details.

  • Name. Name of the Category.
  • Description. Description of the Category.

  • Pages. (Only available on the Issue Maintenance page). This feature is currently not functional.

Step 5. Click Update.

Depending on where you started, either the Brand Maintenance page appears or the Issue Maintenance page appears.

Step 6. Continue adding Categories as needed.

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Step 4. Creating Workflow Statuses

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