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Brand settings in Enterprise Server 9

Brand settings in Enterprise Server 9

For each Brand in Enterprise Server, the following settings can be defined:

  • Name. Name of the Brand.
  • E-mail Notifications. Determines whether e-mail notifications should be enabled for this Brand when files are routed to a user or user group.
  • Description. Description of the Brand.
  • Reading Order Reversed. Determines whether the pages in the Issue are displayed left-to-right or right-to-left (reversed) when viewed in the Publication Overview of Content Station.
  • Auto Purge. (Only available when the Enterprise Server Job named AutoPurgeTrashCan is made active.) Defines the time period (in days) after which objects are permanently removed from the Trash Can. Enter 0 (zero) to disable the Auto Purge feature for the Brand.
  • Default Publication Channel. Defines the Default Publication Channel that should act as the default print channel used by InDesign/InCopy.
  • Activate Relative Deadlines. (Since Enterprise 9.2) Activates the functionality for assigning deadlines to Categories and Workflow Statuses. When selected, the 'Time Settings' icon appears.
  • Time Settings. (Since Enterprise 9.2 this option only appears when 'Activate Relative Deadlines' is selected. For previous versions, the option is displayed by default.) Opens the Relative Deadlines page.

To modify these settings, follow these steps:

Step 1. Access the Brands Maintenance page.

Figure: The Brand Maintenance page.

Step 2. Enter the details.

Step 3. Click Create or Update.

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