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Overview of metadata properties used in Enterprise Server 9

Overview of metadata properties used in Enterprise Server 9

Below is an overview of the static, dynamic and XMP metadata properties that are available in Enterprise Server 9.

Note: The 'name' is the name that the property is known by in Enterprise Server, while the 'display name' is the name as it is shown in the client applications (such as the label of a field in a dialog box).

Static properties

Static properties are core system properties that are required for most operations.

Name Display name Description
Name Name The file or object.
Publication Brand The publication.
Category Category A sub-division of the issue, such as news, sports, finance, fashion.
Issue Issue The published issue, such as 'Volume 1, January 2014'
State Status The Workflow status of an object or file such as 'Draft', 'For review', 'Ready for publishing'.
PubChannels Publication Channels The channel to which the content is published to, such as 'Print', 'Web', 'Twitter'.
Targets Publish in The combination of Issue and Edition fields in which an object of file is going to be used.
Issues Issues The names of the Issues to which the object or file belongs
Editions Editions The names of the Editions to which the object or file belongs.

Dynamic properties

Dynamic properties are known system properties that are maintained by the system.

Name Display name Description
AspectRatio Aspect Ratio Aspect ratio for movies, expressed as x:y.
Channels Channels Audio/video channels.
ColorSpace Color Space BW, RGB, CMYK, LAB, and so on. (Only for Image, Video, Audio, Advert, and Layout objects.).
Columns Columns Number of text columns used for an article.
Comment Comment User comments. (Shown in dialog box when opening the object for editing.)
Compression Compression The data compression technology used.
ContentSource Content Source The whole unformatted textual content of an article (used for full text search).
Creator Created By Name of the user who created the object in the database.
Deadline Deadline Date when the object must be ready for publishing. (Dependent on deadline configuration.)
DeadlineSoft Soft Deadline Soft deadline used for deadline status coloring.
Deleted Deleted On Date on which the object was moved to the Trash Can.
Deletor Deleted By Name of the user who moved the object to the Trash Can.
Dossier Dossier Name of the Dossier.
Dpi Dpi The resolution in dots per inch for graphical objects.
ElementName Label Label for an article component.
Encoding Encoding Video/Audio encoding.
FileSize Size The size of the file.
Flag Flag Indicates that the object needs attention.
FlagMsg FlagMsg The textual message that accompanies the Flag.
Format Format MIME type of the native file of an object.
Height Height Height of an image or advert in points.
ID ID The ID of an object.
KeyFrameEveryFrames Key frame every frames Video: Fully drawn frame (baseline) per X frames (that stores differences only).
Keywords Keywords Descriptors of the content.
LenghtChars Character Count Number of characters in an article.
LengthLines Line Count Number of lines in an article.
LengthParas Paragraph Count Number of paragraphs in an article.
LengthWords Word Count Number of words in an article.
LockedBy In Use By Name of the user who currently has the file open for editing.
Modifier Modified By Name of last user who has edited the object.
PageRange Page Range Page range of a layout.
PlacedOn Placed On Name of the layout onto which the object is placed.
PlainContent Content The whole unformatted textual content of an article (used for full text search).
PlannedPageRange Planned Page Range Page range of a layout taken from the planning system.
Rating Rating Rating info for an object.
RouteTo Route To Name of user or user group to whom the object is routed.
Slugline Slugline Snippet of the article content.
Type Type Object type.
UnreadMessageCount Unread Messages Number of unread messages.
Version Version Version number of the object.
Width Width Width of image/advert in points.

XMP properties

XMP properties are properties that are synchronized by the system with Adobe XMP metadata that is stored within Adobe files.

Name Display name Description
Author Author Writer of the article or photographer of the image.
Copyright Copyright (c) The copyright label.
CopyrightMarked Copyright Marked Whether or not the object is marked for copyright (true/false).
CopyrightURL Copyright URL Copyright Web location.
Created Created On Date and time when the object was created in the database.
Credit Credit Credit of a file as shown in the File Info dialog box.
Description Description Description of the contents.
DescriptionAuthor Description Author Author of the description property.
DocumentID Doc ID XMP document ID of an object.
Modified Modified On Date when the object was last edited.
Source Source Source where the native file originates from.
Urgency Urgency Urgency or priority of a file.
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