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Location of the Enterprise Server 9 configuration files

Location of the Enterprise Server 9 configuration files

Configuring Enterprise Server is done through various configuration files. These are stored in the following location:

<Enterprise Server path>/Enterprise/config

Stored files

The following files are stored:

  • config.php. Used for configuring system paths, database details, and file server details.
  • configserver.php. Used for configuring Enterprise Server features.
  • componentDefs.xml. Controls article components that can be added to a Content Station article.
  • config_drupal.php. Used for configuring a Drupal integration.
  • config_solr.php. Used for configuring a Solr integration.
  • config_dps. User for configuring an Adobe DPS integration.

Editing the files

Take note of the following:

  • Open a file in a plain-text editor such as Notepad, TextEdit, or TextWrangler.
  • When editing PHP, always use forward slashes ‘/’ as path separators, and make sure to keep the correct PHP syntax.
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