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Copying a Brand in Enterprise Server 9

Copying a Brand in Enterprise Server 9

When a new Brand needs to be set up in Enterprise Server, making a copy of the structure of an existing Brand can save a lot of time.

When a Brand is copied, the following items are duplicated:

  • Categories
  • Workflow Statuses
  • Issues (optional)
  • Authorization Rules
  • Metadata
  • Dialog Setup

Not copied are:

  • Dossier Templates

Step 1. Access the Brands Maintenance page.

Step 2. Click Copy.

The Copy Brand page appears.

The Copy Brand page

Step 3. From the Source Brand list, choose the Brand that needs to be copied.

Step 4. (Optional) To also copy the Issues of the Brand, select the Copy Issues check box.

Step 5. In the New Brand box, enter a name for the new Brand.

Step 6. Click Copy.

The Brands page appears again with the newly-created Brand displayed in the list.

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