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Managing user accounts in Studio Server


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  • Oliver Chou

    Adding a user to a group from the user account

    Step 1. Access the Overview of User Groups page.

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    In the Maintenance menu or on the Home page, click Groups. A page showing all created user groups appears.

    Step 2. Click on the name of the user group in the User Group column.

    The User Group Maintenance page for that group appears.

    Step 3. In the User Groups section, click Add User.

    A page appears with a list containing all users which do not yet belong to the group.

    Step 4. Select one or more users.

    Step 5. Click Add.

    The user is added to the user group and the User Group Maintenance page appears again, with the added user(s) included in the Users list.

    The steps described above are for Adding a user to a group from the user group account, not for Adding a user to a group from the user account.


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