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Setting up InDesign Server Automation in Enterprise Server 10


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  • Permanently deleted user

    On a related note, if you are not using the default [Press Quality] PDF preset but your own PDF preset, say PDF_preset_1, make sure to generate a .joboptions file from InDesign, File | Adobe PDF Presets using Save As and place this PDF_preset_1.joboptions in the correct folder that InDesign Server can access, which is:

    On a Mac: <computer> > Library > Application Support > Adobe > Adobe PDF > Settings
    On Windows: C:\Users\[USERSNAME]\AppData\roaming\Adobe\Adobe PDF\Settings\

    Restart IDS to takle effect. Otherwise InDesign Server could not find PDF_preset_1 and will not be able to do its job

  • Jan Kampling

    Is it possible to trigger CreatePagePreview when a placed image is checked in without checking in the layout? I think it would be great to have current status in the publication overview while the image editing is working.

  • Jeroen Venderbosch

    This is already happening. If an object that can be placed on a layout ('Image', 'Article', 'Spreadsheet', 'LayoutModule') is checked in, Enterprise Server creates an InDesign Server Automation job for every layout which contains the placed object. This is done to ensure that the layout stays up to date.

    There is one exception. In case the status of either the placed object or the layout has the 'Skip InDesign Server Automation' checked no job will be created.


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