Setting up InDesign Server Automation in Enterprise Server 10



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    Kim Sing Kor

    On a related note, if you are not using the default [Press Quality] PDF preset but your own PDF preset, say PDF_preset_1, make sure to generate a .joboptions file from InDesign, File | Adobe PDF Presets using Save As and place this PDF_preset_1.joboptions in the correct folder that InDesign Server can access, which is:

    On a Mac: <computer> > Library > Application Support > Adobe > Adobe PDF > Settings
    On Windows: C:\Users\[USERSNAME]\AppData\roaming\Adobe\Adobe PDF\Settings\

    Restart IDS to takle effect. Otherwise InDesign Server could not find PDF_preset_1 and will not be able to do its job

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    Jan Kampling

    Is it possible to trigger CreatePagePreview when a placed image is checked in without checking in the layout? I think it would be great to have current status in the publication overview while the image editing is working.

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