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Installing the File Transfer Server on another system

Installing the File Transfer Server on another system

Enterprise Server can play the role of an Application Server but also the role of a File Transfer Server. Physically they are the same: they originate from the same package and they are installed in the same way. Logically, once installed, they can change role any time just by configuration. Enterprise Server can even play both roles at the same time (this is the way in which Enterprise Server is configured by default).

Even when the File Transfer Server runs within Enterprise Server on the same machine and Web location, its performance is much higher compared to the DIME file transfer method used in previous versions.

Should there be a need to further increase performance (for instance for large systems with many Server machines where load balancing is important) the File Transfer Server can be moved to its own machine. To do this, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Do one of the following:

  • Pick any Enterprise Server instance on the farm which you want to transform into a dedicated Transfer Server.
  • Install a whole new Enterprise Server instance.

Note: The File Transfer Server shares many features with the Enterprise Server that it is part of. It is therefore needed to install a fully functional Enterprise Server even when it is only used as a dedicated File Transfer Server.

Step 2. Edit the following option in the File Transfer Server section of the configserver.php file:

  • HTTP_FILE_TRANSFER_LOCAL_URL. URL to the File Transfer Server, as seen from the point of view of the server machine.

Default value:


Step 3. Replicate the changed configserver.php file over all File Transfer Server instances as well as also over all Enterprise Server instances.

Note: The idea is that there is no difference between both flavors and so they can be safely replicated over the whole farm.

Tip: Since there is no real difference between a File Transfer Server and an Enterprise Server setup, you can decide at any time to transform one flavor into another.

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