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Linking WordPress tags to a Suggestion Provider through Enterprise Server 10

Linking WordPress tags to a Suggestion Provider through Enterprise Server 10

When publishing a post on WordPress, it is common to include tags (keywords) so that users can use these as a search tool for locating other posts with similar content. (For more information, see the WordPress documentation).

The Publish Form for creating a WordPress post contains a field in which tags can be added. When a Suggestion Provider is installed such as the one from OpenCalais, tags can be automatically completed when the user is entering them in the field.

When typing a single character, the auto-complete feature shows all tags containing that character

Figure: The auto-complete feature for adding tags in a Publish Form. When entering a single character, all available tags containing that character appear (here: countries). The user can make a choice from the list and enter the tag by pressing Enter.

In order for the Suggestion Provider to know which tags to suggest, the Publish Form field needs to be linked to a tag entity.

Step 1. In Enterprise Server, access the WordPress Maintenance page.

The WordPress Maintenance page

Figure: The WordPress Maintenance page

Step 2. In the Enterprise Suggestion Entity for tags field, enter the entity for the types of tags that need to be suggested by the Suggestion Provider.

Example: When using OpenCalais, a good entity to use would be SocialTags.

Step 3. Click Save.

Improving performance

As an optional step, improve the performance of the auto-complete feature by installing a PHP optimizer such as Zend OPcache. See Installing Zend OPcache.

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