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Enterprise Server 10 database tables

Enterprise Server 10 database tables

The overview below shows the database tables that Enterprise Server 10 makes use of.

Table Content
smart_actionproperties Custom metadata properties assigned to workflow dialogs.
smart_appsessions Articles that are currently in draft by users working with the Web Editor application. This includes new, locked and viewed articles.
smart_authorizations Holds the authorization rules.
smart_channeldata Configured properties for the Issue Maintenance pages. Typically used for Issues of Web Publication Channels.
smart_channels Definitions of Brand Channels.
smart_config Version of installed database model. Used by database setup scripts to update the model to newer versions.
smart_datasources Definitions of structured data sources.
smart_deletedobjects If an object is deleted, it is moved to this table from smart_objects.
smart_dsobjupdates Information about updates on objects for use with structured data sources.
smart_dspublications Brands for use with structured data sources.
smart_dsqueries Queries for use with structured data sources.
smart_dsqueryfamilies Information about query families for use with structured data sources.
smart_dsqueryfields Query fields for use with structured data sources.
smart_dsqueryplacements Information about query placements for use with structured data sources.
smart_dssettings Contains settings for use with dynamic data sources.
smart _dsupdates Information about updates for use with structured data sources.
smart_editions Definitions of Editions.
smart_elements Components that an article consists of.
smart_groups Definitions of user groups.
smart_indesignserverjobs Currently defined jobs for InDesign Server.
smart_indesignservers InDesign Server instances.
smart_issueeditions Information about the actual deadline defined for an Edition in a particular Issue.
smart_issues Holds all Issues.
smart_issuesection Information about the actual deadline defined for a section in a particular Issue.
smart_issuesectionstate Information about the actual deadline and relative deadline defined for a status/section combination in a particular Issue.
smart_log Logs user actions. Can be viewed on the Service Logs Maintenance page.
smart_messagelog Holds user and system messages sent to objects as well as Sticky Notes added to layouts. Also used by plan system integrations for storing messages to inform the designer working on the layout about changes made to the plan.
smart_mtp Holds the MadeToPrint integration configuration settings.
smart_mtpsentobjects Holds the objects that are sent to the MadeToPrint integration.
smart_namedqueries Named Query definitions.
smart_objectflags Holds flags for objects.
smart_objectlocks Instead of using DB-specific SQL features, Enterprise uses this table to lock objects. This way the system can be used cross-database.
smart_objectrelations Holds relations between objects, such as which articles are placed on a layout.
smart_objectrenditions Holds rendition information for objects.
smart_objects Metadata for all objects. Note that all objects have a unique ID. Custom properties are added by using “c_” prefixes.
smart_objectversions Information about older version of object versions.
smart_pages For each layout (InDesign) object, this table holds the metadata of its pages.
smart_placements Holds detailed information about the placements of a story/image on a layout.
smart_placementtiles Contains tile information for specific placements.
smart_profilefeatures Definition of Access Profiles.
smart_profiles List of Access Profiles that can be used in the entire system.
smart_properties Custom metadata property definitions.
smart_publadmin Administrators assigned to Brands.
smart_publications Brand definitions of the entire system.
smart_publishedobjectshist Publish history of individual objects in a Dossier.
smart_publishhistory Publish history of Dossiers.
smart_publobjects Publication-specific object rights (by user group).
smart_publsections The sections with links to their Brand.
smart_routing The automatic routing definitions.
smart_sectionstate Information about the relative deadline for a status in a section.
smart_semaphores Contains the application locks for objects.
smart_serverconnectors Information about which connectors are available.
smart_serverjobconfigs Contains the configuration for created Server Jobs.
smart_serverjobs Contains Server Job run information.
smart_serverjobsupports Links Enterprise servers to certain Server Job configurations (telling which Server can do which job).
smart_serverplugins Information about which Server plug-ins are enabled.
smart_servers Contains (additional) server configurations for servers to be used with Server Jobs.
smart_settings User settings, for example the user defined queries.
smart_states Workflow status definitions.
smart_targeteditions Information about which Editions are selected for which targets.
smart_targets Information about which objects are targeted for which Publication Channel(s) and/or Issues.
smart_tickets Tickets for users that are logged on. When a user logs on, a ticket is generated which is used for the subsequent calls.
smart_users User definitions and encrypted password.
smart_usrgrp Links users with user groups.
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