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Setting up a fixed list for adding tags in Enterprise 10

Setting up a fixed list for adding tags in Enterprise 10

Lists containing fixed entries (such as a list of products or countries) are a great way to allow users to add these items as a tag. The added advantage of not having to manually enter the tag is that each tag is always spelled the same way.

Note: In this article we assume that Drupal 7 is used as the source.

1. Adding the list to the content type

Step 1. In Drupal, navigate to Structure > Content Types.

Step 2. Add a new field to a content type and use the following settings:

  • Field type: List (text)
  • Widget: Select list

Step 3. Click Save.

The Field Settings appear.

Step 4. Enter the values for the list.

Step 5. Click Save field settings.

Step 6. In the next window that appears, set Number of values to 'Unlimited'.

Step 7. Click Save settings.

2. Importing the content types in Enterprise

Step 1. Import the content type in Enterprise Server:

Caution: When importing content types, any Publish Form templates that are already in the database are updated. This means that the content of existing Publish Form templates is replaced (but this can be beneficial when Publish Forms need to be updated).

Step 1a. In Enterprise Server, access the Drupal 7 Maintenance page.

Step 1b. Click Import to import the content types.

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