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Indexing a Search Server in Enterprise Server 10

Indexing a Search Server in Enterprise Server 10

(Re-)Indexing a Search Server is necessary when:

  • A change is made to the Search Server schema, for example by adding a new field that the Search Server should index on
  • The Search Server was temporarily down for some reason

Indexing the Search Server ensures that any files that have not (yet) been indexed are included in the index.

Step 1. Access the Search Server Maintenance page.

Figure: The Search Server Maintenance page.

The progress bar in the Indexing section shows the percentage of indexed Enterprise objects for all Search Servers.

Step 2. Depending on the indicated percentage level, do the following:

  • When at 0%, indexing may never have been performed. Click Start to start the indexing process.

Note: When the system contains thousands of objects, this could take a while; roughly 50 objects per second are processed, depending on various factors.

  • When at for instance 95%, it could mean that one of the Search Servers has been down for a while, meaning that Enterprise has not indexed any new or changed objects.

Note: When one Search Server is down, none get indexed. This is done to make sure that all servers stay in sync.

First check if all Search Servers are running, and then click Start to complete the objects that have not been indexed yet.


Why objects can end up as unindexed after running the index process

When indexing for one engine is successful and fails for the other, an object is marked as unindexed. When indexing these objects again, they will be re-indexed on the one engine, and added to the other engine. In other words: objects are only marked indexed when the process is successful for all engines.

Error: "Operation timed out after 5000 milliseconds with 0 bytes received"

When this error is shown in the log files after (re-)indexing Solr 4.5, increase the value of the SOLR_TIMEOUT setting (for example by doubling it) in the <Enterprise installation directory>/config/config_solr.php file.

Document history

  • 27 September 2017: Updated section 'Troubleshooting' with information about error "Operation timed out after 5000 milliseconds with 0 bytes received".
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