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Saving file versions with Enterprise Server 10

Saving file versions with Enterprise Server 10

Enterprise offers the capability of saving a number of different versions of a document. This way, a stored version can be rolled back and used as the current version at any time. During this process, a new version based on this older version will be created.

Version numbering

All version numbers are presented in a “major.minor” notation. Each time an object is saved, either the major version number or the minor version number is increased. This is based on the status that the object is saved to and the Create Permanent Version option that is set for that status. (See Workflow Status settings.)

  • Major version number: increased whenever the object is saved in a status that has the Create Permanent Version option selected.
  • Minor version number: increased whenever the object is saved in a status that does not have the Create Permanent Version option selected.


  • Permanent versions — such as 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 — are never automatically removed. The oldest minor versions are automatically removed when the object outgrows the configured number of versions to track.
  • For Enterprise Server 10.0.1 or higher: When the InDesign Server Automation feature is used, gaps can appear in the version numbering of layouts.

This is because the previous version of the layout is automatically deleted when a layout preview is generated. (In an InDesign Server Automation environment in which many layout previews are generated, no changes typically exist for each layout version. To make sure that the maximum number of stored layout versions is not too quickly exceeded and to not take up disk space with many similar files, the previous version is automatically removed.)

Example: Versions 0.1, 0.2 and 0.3 exist. A new layout preview is generated. Now, versions 0.1, 0.2 and 0.4 exist.

Configuring the total number of files saved

Enterprise stores up to a defined number of versions per type of object. When the total number of versions is exceeded, the version will be deleted that comes after the configured number of oldest files to keep.

These totals can be set per type of object by the following option:

  • File: configserver.php file
  • Name of option:
  • MAX_ARTICLE_VERSION. For articles and article templates.
  • MAX_IMAGES_VERSION. For image objects.
  • MAX_VIDEO_VERSION. For videos.
  • MAX_AUDIO_VERSION. For audio files.
  • MAX_LAYOUT_VERSION. For InDesign layouts, layout templates, Layout Modules and Layout Module Templates.
  • MAX_LIBRARY_VERSION. For InDesign library objects.
  • Possible values: any number.
  • Default values:
  • Example:

define ('MAX_ARTICLE_VERSION', 10);

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