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Performance delays with Apache KeepAlive setting on

Performance delays with Apache KeepAlive setting on

Under certain circumstances, performance delays can be experienced when using Smart Connection or Smart Mover, such as dialog boxes that take a long time to appear.

This is related to Apache's KeepAlive and KeepAliveTimeout settings, which by default are enabled and set to time out after 15 seconds.

As a result, some SOAP requests take much longer than needed, or rather: it takes the next SOAP request longer than needed before it can start.

Note: This especially influences the performance of Timone Plan.

Verifying the current KeepAlive setting

Step 1. Open the Health Check page of Enterprise Server.

Step 2. Click on PHP Info.

The PHP Info page appears with the KeepAlive value shown in the Apache section under Max Requests: 'Keep Alive: on'.

Optimizing the performance

Step 1. Access the http.conf file:

  • Entropy: /etc/httpd.conf
  • MAMP: /Applications/MAMP/conf/apache/httpd.conf
  • MAMP Pro: /Library/Application Support/living-e/MAMP PRO/conf/httpd.conf

Step 2. Do one of the following:

  • Turn off KeepAlive (recommended)
  • Set KeepAliveTimeout to a low setting (such as 2 seconds)

Step 3. Save the file.

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