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Integrating the Hunspell spelling engine in Enterprise Server 10

Integrating the Hunspell spelling engine in Enterprise Server 10

This article describes how to integrate the Hunspell spelling engine in Enterprise Server for use in the Multi-Channel Text Editor of Content Station.


The integration of Hunspell consists of the following steps:

  • Hunspell installation
  • Enterprise Server configuration

Hunspell installation

Step 1. Installing Hunspell

Step 2. Installing a dictionary

Step 3. Checking the spell checking functionality

Note: In the steps below it is assumed that the American English dictionary is used.

Enterprise Server configuration

The Enterprise Server configuration consists of the following steps:

Using multiple servers

When Enterprise Server is replicated over multiple Server machines, repeat the installation steps as listed in Integrating the Hunspell spelling engine in Enterprise Server 10 for each machine.

Recommended is to have an exact copy of the configserver.php file throughout all Server machines. If that is the case, make sure that the spelling engine installation paths are exactly the same, including the installation paths of the dictionaries.

The Enterprise Health Check does not check installation or configuration differences between the Server machines. The system administrator is responsible to keep the machines in sync; this includes the installed engine versions and dictionaries. The same applies to words that might get added to the dictionaries (which is not supported by Enterprise, but can be manually done through the shell or command prompt).

When you would use the global entry point URL to index.php (as used by client applications and configured in the WWSettings.xml file), the Health Check will be assigned to a certain available machine, resulting in the configuration paths on that machine being checked. Even when running this many times does not guarantee that all machines are hit. Instead, the Health Check should be run on a local URL for each machine.

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