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The Web Services SDK of Enterprise Server 9


The Web Services SDK of Enterprise Server 9

Enterprise Server offers numerous Web Services through several interfaces:

  • Workflow. Defines all supported editorial workflow operations such as creating, saving, deleting and restoring files.
  • Administration. Used for various Brand- and user administration purposes such as creating Publication Channels, creating user accounts and assigning them to user groups, and so on.
  • System administration. Used for system administration purposes such as installation of sub applications.
  • Planning. Used for integrating 3rd-party systems such as Journal Designer, PlanMaker, and so on.
  • Publishing. Used for publishing content, mainly done by Content Station.
  • Data Source. Used for integrating any external storage carrying structured catalog data.
  • Data Source admin. Used for administering the Data Source such as creating, getting and saving queries used in the Data Source interface.

All services are described in the Web Services SDK.

Accessing the Web Services SDK

The Web Services SDK is included in Enterprise Server and can be accessed as follows:

Step 1. In Enterprise Server, click Advanced in the Maintenance menu or on the Home page. A page listing advanced features appears.

Step 2. Click Web Services SDK.

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