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Sharing user queries across users in Enterprise 9

Sharing user queries across users in Enterprise 9

Whenever a user creates a custom search in Smart Connection or Content Station, the query is saved to Enterprise as soon as the user logs out. It is then possible to make this query available to other users or user groups.

Tip: Use this method to share custom searches made by power-users and/or to share types of searches that are often used such as a search for locating recently modified files.

For information about creating a custom search, see Searching for files using Content Station 9.

Step 1. Access the User Queries Maintenance page.

The User Queries Maintenance page

Step 2. From the User list in the Source section, choose the user who's queries need to be copied.

All created custom searches for that user appear in the Queries list. The application in which the custom search was created is shown in brackets.

List of created queries

Step 3. Select the queries that need to be copied.

Step 4. In the Destination section, choose the users and/or user groups to which the queries need to be copied.

Step 5. Click Submit.

The result of the action is shown on screen.

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