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Step 11. Testing the Enterprise Server installation

Step 11. Testing the Enterprise Server installation

This is step 11 of performing a major upgrade from Enterprise Server 8 to Enterprise Server 9.2 or higher. (See a list of all steps)

Step 1. In Enterprise Server, access the Health Check page.

Step 2. (Optional, only when installing or upgrading Enterprise Server.) Since not all licenses are activated yet, clear the check box for Licenses.

Step 3. (Optional) If LDAP or Drupal (version 6 or 7) are not installed or used, clear the check boxes for these tests.

Step 4. Click Test.

The test(s) are executed and the results are displayed next to each test. They should all display “OK”.

Note: If a test fails, an error is displayed together with instructions for solving it. Follow the instructions and then run the test once more

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