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Step 3. Upgrading Solr

Step 3. Upgrading Solr

This is step 3 of performing a major upgrade from Enterprise Server 8 to Enterprise Server 9.2 or higher. (See a list of all steps)

Purpose of this step

When making use of Solr in Enterprise Server 9.2 or higher, Solr 4.5.1 or higher is required.

Steps to follow

Downloading Solr

Step 1. Download Apache Solr 4.5.1 or higher from the Solr archive.

Note: Enterprise Server 9 ships with a separate Solr package that has been updated to Solr 4.5 standards. For exact compatibility information, see the Compatibility Matrix.

Step 2. Unpack the file to a temporary directory.

Note: From here on, this directory is referenced as <temp>.

Installing Solr

Step 3. Copy the file named 'solr-4.5.1.war' from <temp>/dist/ to the location of your current Solr 3.6 war file.

Step 4. Copy <temp>/example/lib/ext to the Tomcat libs directory <tomcat>/lib.

Configuring Tomcat

Step 5. (Optional, only when Solr 4.5.1 is the only Solr instance that is going to be run in the container (Jetty or Tomcat) and you are using Tomcat) Remove the URIEncoding option from the <tomcat>/conf/server.xml file:

<Service name="Catalina”>
   <!--Comments ........ --> 
   <Connector URIEncoding="UTF-8" port="8787" protocol="HTTP/1.1" connectionTimeout="20000" redirectPort="8443" />

Configuring Solr

Step 6. Open the config/config_solr file.

Step 7. Check the value of the SOLR_SERVER_URL setting.

Example: ‘SOLR_SERVER_URL’, ‘http://localhost:8080/solr’

Step 8. Check the value of the SOLR_CORE setting.

Example:‘SOLR_CORE’, 'collection1’

Preparing Solr

Step 9. Do one of the following:

  • Restart Tomcat server.
  • On the Solr 4 admin page, click Reload for the same collection as the one referenced in step 8.

Testing the Solr installation

Step 10. To see if Solr is running, enter the following URL in a Web browser:


Step 11. Access the Tomcat Manager by using the following default credentials (or any other credentials that you have entered in the tomcat-users.xml file):

  • Username: woodwing
  • Password: ww

Next step

Step 4. Installing Enterprise Server 9

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