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Enterprise Server 9 folder structure

Enterprise Server 9 folder structure

Enterprise Server 9 consists of a folder tree containing various sub folders as shown in the overview below.

Main folder Sub folder Content

System configuration files for the application server as well as custom modifications, language files, HTML templates, icons, and so on.

articletemplates wwcx Article templates used by the InCopy HTML Conversion plug-in.
encryptkeys Certificates to support https (secure http) connections.
images Image files used by the Maintenance pages. Changing these allows you to modify the look and feel of the Web user interface.
jquery-ui JQuery libraries used for various user interfaces (admin, Health Check, and so on.)
plugins Custom PHP scripts (Enterprise Server plug-ins) for altering default behavior of services. Some example scripts are made available by WoodWing.
reports PHP report scripts.
resources Language files for all supported languages.
shellscripts Command line scripts used by the File Transfer Server.
templates HTML templates and style sheets used by the Maintenance applications.
sdk SDK (Software Development Kit) files relating to Enterprise Server Web services.
doc SDK documentation.
flex Flash/AMF SDK definitions.
java Definitions for java.
server Core application server files.
admin PHP files implementing the various Maintenance pages for managing users, user groups, Brands and so on.
apps PHP files implementing the various Maintenance pages.
appservices Implementation of the Web application services (known as the ‘facade layer’). Typically called by Content Station.
bizclasses PHP classes with the business logic.
dataclasses PHP files with data structures used throughout the Server.
dbclasses PHP classes that contain the translation from business objects to database objects including the SQL representation.
dbdrivers PHP files with the implementation of the drivers of the various supported databases.
dbintclasses PHP files used to ensure database integrity.
dbscripts SQL scripts for manual creation.
dhtmlsuite DHTML library used to draw advanced widgets in Web applications, such as tab strips, pane splitters, toolbars, and so on.
interfaces WSDL interface definitions.
javachart Java components used to produce charts. (For more information, visit www.ve.com.)
jquery Jquery library used in various pages.
plugins Built-in plug-ins developed by WoodWing. Unlike the custom plug-ins in the ‘config/plugins’ folder, the built-in plug-ins should not be customized.
protocols PHP files used by Enterprise Server when handling incoming Web service requests. It is also used for preparing outgoing messages.
schemas XML validation schemes used by Enterprise Server.
services Enterprise Server implementation of exposed Web services (as defined in the ‘interfaces’ folder).
utils PHP files with utility classes and functions.
wwtest Pages to test the functioning of the Enterprise Server.
ZendFramework PHP library used by the Enterprise PHP code.

Reference Materials

Enterprise Server 9 documentation

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