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Creating a backup of Enterprise Server 9

Creating and restoring a backup of Enterprise Server 9

Creating a backup of an Enterprise Server installation is essential when for instance performing a major upgrade to a higher version.

Creating a backup

Step 1. Create a complete dump or backup of your existing Enterprise database.

Step 2. Create a complete backup of the FileStore folder.

Step 3. (Optional, only needed when modifications have been made to the Enterprise code — for example customization work to integrate Enterprise with 3rd-party applications.) Create a backup of the complete Enterprise directory.

Note: Leave the old Enterprise folder in place. (In most production environments, the new Enterprise server is initially installed next to the existing server so that the new setup can be tested before it is made live.)

Step 4. (Optional, only if you have not performed step 3.) Create a backup of the Enterprise configuration files.

Restoring a backup

Step 1. Restore the Enterprise database.

Step 2. Restore the FileStore folder.

Note: When restoring the FileStore in a new location, make sure to update the paths in the Enterprise Server configuration files.

Step 3. Restore the Enterprise Server folder structure or install a new version of Enterprise Server.

Step 4. Run the Health Check page for Enterprise Server to verify that all is working correctly.

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