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About templates in Enterprise 9

About templates in Enterprise 9

Templates are a great way for system administrators to make content available to users that they regularly use. These include:

  • Dossier Templates containing Publication Channel settings, Article Templates, Tasks and more.
  • Article Templates containing the correct number of article components and the correct styling for a particular type of story.
  • Layout Templates in the correct design for a particular story.
  • Publish Form Templates for publishing content to output channels such as Drupal Web sites, Facebook, and Twitter.

Having this content available as templates means that users don't have to go through the process of creating this content themselves.

Note: All templates can be created by end users (for instance using Content Station or Smart Connection), apart from Publish Form templates; these are either hard-coded in Enterprise or can only be created by system administrators.

Apart from this time saving aspect, it also assures that the content always contains the correct and necessary components.

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